Kelly Custom Instruments 

Guitar Repair and Fine Craftmanship


    My name is Ian Kelly and I am the proud owner of Kelly Custom Instruments. My business is like no guitar shop!

I can make you a world class instrument from the best woods or we can sit down and talk about what your guitar needs to make it play right for you.

Ive learned from some of the biggest names in guitars. I have done repair and custom luthierie work for musicians on world tours and guys playing on their back porch. No matter how many people you play in front of, your guitar has to work for you. 

If you need any of the following: set up, fret dress, fret replacement, neck resetting, bone nuts and saddles, large damage repair caused by dropping the guitar, full restoration to of vintage guitars, correction of fret buzz, swapping pickups, rewiring guitar, replacing inputs jacks, cleaning knobs, replacing knobs in guitars, broken peg head glueing, acoustic guitar crack repair-no matter how bad it looks, loose brace re-glue, severe top bellying, bridge re-glue, and basically anything that could go wrong with a guitar over time.

 When you call the shop I will pick up the phone. You will always talk to me in person and see the 2,000 square foot work shop before any work is done to your guitar. 

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on the right tools for the right times. I am constantly educating myself on new methods of repair as well as ways to build better guitars. 

If, after I work on your guitar, you get home and spend the day playing the Beatles anthology and come to find the guitar is not how you requested, I INSIST YOU COME BACK IN WITH YOUR GUITAR IN HAND. I will make sure you are happy. After coming here, you will taken care of.

We are located at 101 East Main Street, Little Falls NJ 07424. Feel free to stop by and take a look.
The shop phone number is 973 256 3835.

Feel free to call with any questions. I'm always willing to talk about your guitar.

Thanks for reading,
Ian Kelly


Above: Ian Kelly
Bellow: A Martin D28 he repaired with a hole in it!

Ian Kelly