I became unhappy with the design of the x braced guitar. Yes, tie me to a pole and light me on fire for I must be a witch!
I became unhappy with the X brace because of a few observations:

            1: An X brace creates a quadrant effect in the top. The lower quadrent of the x and wing braces are never really the same pitch because they are never really the same stiffness nor bearing the same load in the same directions.

            2: as you tap the top of an x braced guitar it will never find the same pitch every where due to the fact that areas on a braced top where the braces are connected are inherently stronger then areas where braces are not glued to.

            3: this, uneven dispersment of stiffness leads to a guitar that has tenancies to be bassy or shrill or have to much mids. The top cant be braced to allow for all frequency ranges to have equal volume and caritoristics.

So I asked myself why use braces? Seriously why use braces? Some Guild and Taylor guitars, as well as every arch top guitar ever made has no back bracing. The braces take the load by making up for the fact that wood is strong in its long grain direction and weak in its cross grain direction. Why not use modern material science and engineering to make a top with out any bracing and no bias to any frequency range.

In prototyping I made a guitar that used a tapered thickness multi layer, multi grain orientation top and back. It was the only way I saw to give an even tap tone any where I taped on top or back.

Now im sure your saying “but will that really be strong enough?” I made the sides a solid 3/8” thick to compensate and when stringing up the guitar the top dflection is the same as any other braced guitar I had made.

For 2017 I decided to take a serious look at how I and the rest of the world had been making guitars and ask,      WHY?!

Seriously, in no uncertain words why has our instrument not changed or progressed in 100 years?

I cant tell you why the rest of the guitar building community has been un willing to experiment all I can tell you is how I was and WHY!

The final product became affectionately nicknamed the "braceless wonder"

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