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Repairing a Martin D28 with

a hole in it!

Sample Repair
​Before/After Photos

Ian's Repair Method:

The most important and time-consuming process of making and repairing a guitar is fretting the neck. Everything I do is in an effort to get necks straight to a tolerance bellow one thousandth of an inch.

So……..I'd like to flip the guitar repair model upside down.

I will not "set up" a guitar I have not done the fret work on. 

When bringing me a guitar I have not already worked on the frets, expect my estimate to include fret work. Estimates cost $150 . This fee is applied to the final bill should you choose to move forward with the work. 

Procedures I preform:
-Neck re-set ($800)
-Re-fret ($800)
-Fret dress (not all guitars can be fret dressed)
-Broken peg head or neck
-Bridge re-glue ($350)

-Bridge plate replacement ($1,000)
-Humidity cracks
-Loose braces
-Gibson truss rod rescue
-Bone nut and saddle ($100/ $150/ 12 string)
-Major structural damage (guitar got sat on, hit by car, thrown, punched, smashed, punctured, flooded, in a house fire, put on an air plane....)
-Relic work

All requests for non musical modifications or repairs will be turned away. 

Any situation that arises where the guitar was repaired improperly by a previous repair artist or needs re-repaired will be billed at 1.5 x time.

My minimum for any single job is $150. 

Again, estimates are $150 (fee is applied to the final bill should you choose to move forward with the work). This cost reflects the time and attention needed to generate an accurate and thorough estimate of the work required, and the value of that information. 

If a cheap fix is what you are looking for, I’m not your man. I am only interested in being funded to create the most perfect playing experience that is possible

Ian reserves the right to decline work with no explanation required.