This is Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) Guitar

Sample Repair
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 Ian's Repair Prices

 Acoustic / Electric Guitar Set Up ($165 and up) ($200 Floyd Rose*)

+$35 same day turn around request

Think of it as redoing the last hour at the manufacturer, note: if the neck will not straighten I will not be able to of a set up and you will need fret work.
 Every set up includes:

  1. A once over of the instrument. If it is warping, cracking, or going bad, I’ll tell you.

  2. Setting the truss rod tension for the desired set of strings. (It is best to choose a set and stick with them. Changing types of strings drastically by gauge will erase my fine calibrations.

  3. Clean the guitar. (Ya, I know Frank Zappa said you shouldn’t clean your guitar but chances are he had a lot more guitars to divide his finger crud on to and didn’t notice how dirty they get when you have 3 and play 2 hours a night.)

  4. Clean the electronics. I open the electronics cavity and clean all connection points and potentiometers (knobs). Potentiometers that crackle can sometimes be cleaned. No guarantees as to whether it will work on your guitar. Nothing I can do about dog hair. If the potentiometer cannot be cleaned and is corroded inside, I can replace it with an identical unit in some cases and in all others I use the same value. Ibanez used funny potentiometers in the 60s and 70s.

  5. Oil the fingerboard. I oil my guitars, my client’s guitars, my friend’s guitars, and Roger Waters’ guitars with Tung oil, NOT linseed, or household furniture oil. Tung oil is meant for wood that is in contact with human hands. The rest is meant for chair legs and tabletop cleanups. 

  6. Action set optimize ease of playing and minimize sizzle.

  7. Intonation set with a $1,000 Peterson work station auto strobe tuner.

  8. Does not include price of strings

 Bridge re-glue ($350 and up)

  1. Remove, refit, and reglue bridge.

 Fret (Replacement) Job ($800 and up)

  1.  Complete removal of old frets

  2.  Level fingerboard

  3.  Installation of new frets

 Neck Reset  ($800 and up) (Note: estimates vary due to type of instrument and severity of neck angle failure.)

  1.  Removal and repositioning of neck on guitar to correct neck angle and restore playability.

 Crack Repair -  Pricing is done by size and location on instrument​

  1. Not all cracks are the same but all can be fixed.

 Cracked Peghead 

  1. I am always successful! starts at $350... 

 Broken Off Gibson SG Neck

  1.  No Problem! I fix at least one broken in half SG every 3 months.

Electrical Modifications and repair $125/hour

All other requests for work will be billed at $125/hour. 

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